Struggle for Existence: The Mamo, an excerpt of the film, Struggle for Existence. This story is about the last sighting of the Mamo (Drepanis Pacifica), a member of the Hawaiian Honeycreeper family.

Struggle for Existence

Digital Animation, Video Documentary

Struggle for Existence combines animation and graphics with documentary material to spin a compelling story of an endangered finch on the verge of extinction living in the Extinction Capital of the World — The Hawaiian Islands. The Palila is a native forest bird that lives on the slopes of Mauna Kea Volcano on the Big Island of Hawai`i, fewer than 1,100 survive in the wild. In 2025, five Palila finches remain, and a woman journeys to Hawai`i to see the last few birds. The film questions how life is valued and preserved by man as a species nears extinction, through looking at past and present conservation efforts. Struggle for Existence contemplates Darwin’s theory of natural selection, inevitability of death for all living things, and our human instinct to “save nature”.

Winner, Best Documentary CUNY Asian American Film Festival, Best Short Documentary, Student Category, American Conservation Film Festival. Screenings at Hawaii International Film Festival, DOCUtah, NY Asian American Film Festival.


Struggle for Existence:

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