Reflections on Water

Art Collaboration
Annie Seaton & Laurie Sumiye

My collaboration with artist Annie Seaton as an exchange of ideas about reflections on water across the Pacific Ocean for Collaborate and Create group exhibition curated by Andi Campognone at Loft at Liz's, Jan 18 - March 3rd, 2020.

We painted photographs of the ocean taken by each other, then used the same size canvases and media to create our works. I viewed the artwork as a conversation of our shared body of water, the Pacific Ocean (I am based in Hawaii and Annie in LA).  Our views of water from the camera to the canvas, became a search for meaning within in the wide blue expanse that connects and separates us. 

Photo by Annie Seaton.

My glimpses of spirit evolved from the gorgeous sunlit reflections on the surface of the water.

Press for Collaborate and Create:

"Annie Seaton & Laurie Sumiye show a glowing, gorgeous, and dreamy series of four sea-drenched images in 'Reflections on Water' "

– from Artillery Mag by Genie Davis

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